Delta Sport Boats Yacht Club
“The Fun Club”

Corporate Sponsor Application
Amount: ONLY $250.00 per year

Name of Business:____________________________
Contact Name: ______________________________
Business Address:____________________________
City, State, Zip Code _________________________
Business Telephone Number (    ) ______________
Business Web Site address: ___________________
Business Email address (contact person): _____________________
          This sponsorship entitles your company to one year’s free membership and advertisement in our occasional newsletter and on our website; also there is a direct link to your website from our sponsor page.  Your company logo will be needed in order to put your logo on our website by emailing
our webmaster at or for any other publications in the future.
 We have a banner that lists all sponsors logos or names that are displayed along with the Delta Sport Boat Yacht Club’s banner at every DSBYC function. In addition, each sponsor is welcome to display their own banner at any event; however, we cannot be responsible for your banner.  The first event is usually in early spring. In order to have the first banner ready for this event we need your information by March 31st.  Anyone signing up after this date will be added to the banner as time goes on. Please submit this application along with your payment to the order of Delta Sport Boats Yacht Club and mail your check to the following address and payable to Delta Sport Boats Yacht Club:

Attn: Bob Bradley
Delta Sport Boats Yacht Club

590 Discovery Bay Blvd
Discovery Bay, CA 94505

We look forward to having you as a sponsor and seeing you at all of the events in the coming year.

Sincerely, Delta Sport Boats Yacht Club officers